Silicon Beach Start-Ups App Demo Day

We’ve signed up some of the most exciting mobile companies in town for our Silicon Beach Start-Ups App Demo Day, and you’re part of the lucky bunch that will have an exclusive peak at their newest and greatest apps. We’re expecting a huge turn-out, so make sure you arrive early. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 7 p.m. at CoWorks Space.

Apps developers presenting:

Indispensable app that recommends the cheapest and nearest parking spot. Includes more than 25,000 worldwide locations in over 500 cities, 19 countries and 3 continents and features many options for a personalized choice. Developer: ParkMe

A social network for live events. Concert photos, the best campsites, backstage pics. Users can upload content, communicate with friends, vote for their favorites, win prizes, and relive the event over and over again. Developer: CrowdsEye

Dog Boogie
An app devoted to the dogs we love. Sound effects and advanced camera filters enable users to capture the perfect pet pic every time. Interact and share a personalized dog profile and discover new dog friends nearby. Developer: DogTown Media

Fast and secure credit card purchases by smartphone. Users can present participating merchants with a QR code to scan and pay at the register. The app keeps track of loyalty program points and rewards, and supports discounts and offers. Developer: Kuapay

Podcasts made easy. VoAudio is a free app for iOS, Android, and the web, that allows people to easily download and listen to the most popular podcasts, as well as sync their subscriptions across multiple devices. Podcasts can be easily shared with friends through direct links, just like YouTube. Developer: VoAudio

Remix songs and share them with friends. With MyRMX you are the artist, DJ, composer and record producer. Mix songs with different sound effects and create an unlimited number of remixes. Developer: MIT Technology Group, Corp.

Get paid for checking in. This app is about eating local, shopping local, and earning local. It offers directions, contact info, deals, and recommendations for places nearby. Users earn points by checking in and posting comments, and are able to exchange those points for cash. Developer: MergeLocal

A fun and simple way to create and share gorgeous crests (coats of arms). Choose from many beautifully designed heraldic symbols such as shields, animals and flourishes to create a lasting visual legacy and share it with friends directly. Developer: Crestmaster

This revolutionary app blends video and photography, allowing you to create a uniquely new artistic format. Paint with video for stunning results. Developer: Clear-Media


Special thanks:
Scott MacKinnon out of Technical Connections is also helping out with our shindig. Please be sure to check them out ( if you want to see what LA’s IT job market has to offer. Currently, they have a literal bevy of mobile and web opportunities at some petty hip / name-brand companies (and some cool startups too!). Feel free to say hello to Scott…he’s the guy who is actually daring enough to wear a sweater vest.

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