Infosec Company Looks To Protect Silicon Beach Start-ups

The job title ‘entrepreneur’ seems to have become all to frequent in 2012 and the rise of the start-up is undeniable in the West side of Los Angeles. Another undeniable trend of this year seems to be the unstoppable hacks and data-leaks from corporate and government environments by hacktivists groups such as anonymous.

This week saw GoDaddy have major service issues after a hacker claimed to have caused denial of service conditions on their network. Huge amounts of sites were effected, possibly millions. Also this week some Pinterest users appeared to have had their accounts compromised and which lead to them spamming Facebook and Twitter with advertising images.

Information security often takes a back seat when start-ups push to roll out new products and services potentially leaving them open to data loss and down time from internet attacks. Security is in most cases an after thought once the product has been launched and the dust has settled.

A newly founded Los Angeles Start-up Tiro Security, based out of Santa Monica aims to educate and assist the start-up community on how best to protect their data and ensure security isn’t overlooked in the rush to launch products.

Tirosec was founded by a seasoned infosec expert and a staffing specialist with 14 years of experience to bring the very best information security skills to the companies of silicon beach. A free security primer is available on request which summarize the issues start-ups should be considering when trying to protect their data.




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