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Silicon Beach Start-Ups is a proud supporter of the local tech start-up community, organizing events like App Demo Day to give entrepreneurs a platform for success and future growth. App Demo Day specifically focused on showcasing an impressive array of iPhone and iPad apps created by the local developer community. Nine companies presented their latest mobile apps and opened up to a packed crowd to share their knowledge, ideas, and insight. Click here to view event photos.

ParkMe (formerly Parking in Motion) provides parking information to navigation companies and smartphones. The app collects and aggregates data about both on-street and off-street parking and has built the world’s most comprehensive parking database in an effort to make parking easier. The database includes more than 25,000 worldwide locations in more than 500 cities, 19 countries and three continents. The app helps drivers find parking in real time from their smartphones.

Available Free on iPhone or iPad — Click here to download. On the web at

CrowdsEye is a social network for live events, with pictures, videos, and reviews. Through challenges, CrowdsEye will amass a database of fan-generated content organized by hashtags, date, location, and popularity. CrowdsEye has also partnered with GroupMe to make communicating with friends at live events easier. Goal is to become a home base for fans, a social network not divided along the lines of traditional relationships, but instead brought together by the communal experience of attending a live event.

Available Free on iPhone — Click here to download. On the web at

kuapay mobile purchase appKuapay is a fast, easy, and most secure way to make payments using a smartphone wherever credit cards are accepted. Users can securely store credit and debit cards and make purchases without ever having to touch their wallet. Cashiers scan the QR code within the Kuapay app, after which users can complete their purchase. Credit card information is encrypted and securely stored. The QR code only contains the user account ID.

Available Free on iPhone (download now) or Android (download now). On the web at

dog boogie iphone appDog Boogie is an app created for dog lovers, and devoted to the pets they love. Users can create a personalized dog profile and upload unlimited photos. Through the special sound effects integrated into the camera, dog owners can easily grab their dog’s attention. The camera filters make a pet portrait into perfection. Dog owners nearby and in other parts of the world connect through this app, and are endlessly entertained through thousands of dog pics.

Available Free on iPhone — Click here to download. On the web at

voaudio podcast appVOAudio allows people to easily download and listen to the most popular podcasts, as well as sync their subscriptions across multiple devices. Podcasts can be easily shared with friends through direct links, just like YouTube.

Coming soon on iPhone. On the web at

myrmx dj appmyRMX is a music engagement and music promotion tool wrapped in the form of a Mobile Music Remixing App.  myRMX enables users to remix music, share their music remixes with friends, artists and the myRMX social community from their mobile handset or tablet. myRMX combines music, gaming, personalization, and social sharing into one interactive product, filled with branding, advertising and monetization opportunities.

Available Free on iPhone or iPad — Click here to download. On the web at

mergelocal iphone appMergelocal allows users to check in at their favorite places and get paid for telling their friends on Facebook and Twitter about their experience. This app is about eating local, shopping local, and earning local. It offers directions, contact info, deals, and recommendations for places nearby. Users can exchange the points they earn for cash via PayPal.

Available Free on iPhone — Click here to download. On the web at

crestmaster iphone appCrestmaster is a fun and simple way to create and share gorgeous crests (coats of arms). Users can choose from many beautifully designed heraldic symbols such as shields, animals and flourishes to create a lasting visual legacy and share them with friends directly.

Coming soon on iPhone. On the web at

echograph iphone appEchograph blends video and photography, allowing users to create a uniquely new artistic format. Paint with video for amazing results.

Coming soon on iPhone. On the web at


We are looking forward to a bright future for the Silicon Beach tech scene and excited to continue to grow our organization while helping to foster the development of entrepreneurs in the community. Follow Silicon Beach Start-Ups and the companies connected to our organization:

Special Thanks to Those Who Helped Make This Happen:

  • Zevia for supplying the delicious and healthy soda for mixers and quenching the thirst of our guests the whole night thru.
  • Scott MacKinnon at Technical Connections for setting up an awesome raffle and showing support for Silicon Beach Start-Ups since the beginning.
  • CoWorks Space for graciously allowing us to hold events in this amazing co-working space. If your a techie in need of office space, they’ve got you covered.
  • The Real LA Times for diligently reporting on current events in Silicon Beach and breaking news in Los Angeles.
  • The Los Angeles app developers, Marc and Rob at DogTown Media for organizing Silicon Beach Start-Ups events.
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